Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequentley asked questions, if you can't find the information you require then please call our  customer serivice number free of charge from any mobile or landline
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    How do I book?
    Please see the link in the main menu for help with booking your Clean Man or call the number above
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    How do you price you window cleaning
    Please refer to our more in depth pricing information on the link below, or go to the PRICE MY HOUSE page in the menu above
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    Why have my windows been left wet?
    We primarily use a reach and wash system, this is where purified water is fed up a large extension pole through a brush head onto your windows, scrubbing and washing away all the dirt and impurities until nothing but clean, fresh and pure water remains. This will dry without smear, but it there are any problems please call the customer service team, free, on 0800-368-9166
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    Why do you use a Reach and Wash system?
    The reasons are numerous however the best are here bullet pointed . All frames and windows are cleaned with ease . Better privacy for the customer, no-one looking through your windows . Better all round finish . Over conservatories or even 4th floor it can be cleaned . Safer than conventional window cleaning
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    Do you use your reach and wash for internal windows?
    No, all internal windows are cleaned by the tradtional method
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    can i book beore 10:00AM?
    Before 10:00 AM is saved for offices, apartment buildings and commercial premises. If you are please call the free phone below to book a free quote 0800-368-9166
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    How do i pay?
    Due to the amount of customers we have at Clean Man traditional nighttime door collections are no relistic. Customers have a wide range of payment options from Direct Debit telephone collections as well as being able to pay on the day with .Cash .Credit/Debit Card
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    I don't know how to work out square meters
    To calculate your area, if you are measuring a square or rectangle area, multiply length times width; Length x Width = Area. So for example, A 5 meter long pathway that is 1 meter wide is 5m A 5 x 5 meter patio is 25m
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    Where are you based
    Our trading address is 61 Days lane Sidcup Kent DA158JP we operate in and around the Bexley area primarily although will go out to Essex and north London when needed
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    What if i want a refund?
    In all cases Clean Man would rather rectify any mistakes that happen in the fight against Grime. If your house has not been cleaned properly please call our free line. 0800-368-9166 Refund and redo requests will only be accepted 1 week after the clean, and will be completed within 1 business week of the call
If you have more questions please contact us